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Vision, Mission

We have the dynamics of a company that, with over 10 years of experience, offers on the Romanian market the design, manufacture, assembly and service of cranes, industrial cranes, cargo platforms, hoists, hydraulic equipment, vacuum lifters and various lifting and handling devices.
At the same time, we offer installation and service for lifting equipment operating in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX), as well as checks and measurements of electrical installations connected to lifting equipment at a nominal voltage of 0.4 kV.

Our vision is towards a future in terms of generations, not in short quarterly or annual business times. We say YES to innovation , but NO to experiments that could affect quality standards. Our society has steadily grown and managed to push through its results. We will never give up the young spirit that has always characterized us and which our work demands every day.



⦁ We understand customers' needs and expectations and translate them into services and products that conform to them,

⦁ We are a dedicated team,

⦁ we managed to find the best organizational formula in our management system,

⦁ We have unlimited professionalism that we continually develop,

⦁ Our suppliers have full confidence in the partnership that we have built over time,

⦁ We want the sustainable and sustainable development of our company, respecting the applicable regulations and legislation,

⦁ respect and protect the environment in all our activities,

⦁ we ensure a proper working environment for the health and safety of our employees