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If you want your equipment to offer you the same performance level as in the beginning!

IMG 3310 The normal use of any equipment will lead to the wear and tear of its components over time, which will eventually lead to malfunctions. We can provide service for your equipment to prevent possible malfunctions. Maintenance and inspection are carried out in accordance with our specifications, the equipment manufacturer's specifications and are based on the current ISCIR prescriptions.



  • Our specialists are qualified, have rich experience and are familiar with our products
  • Thanks to our service team network, we can quickly reach you for regular inspections and in case of unforeseen failures
  • You will not suffer loses in the production activity caused by the failure of the lifting equipment due to interruptions

We want to contact you to confirm a schedule for the next inspection!


Technical support

Do you have a production problem?

suport gdmrYou need lifting equipment to solve this problem but you do not know what to choose?
Do you want to get optimal use of your plant and equipment?
Security of your staff and law enforcement Is the top priority?

You do not have to be a crane expert!

Take advantage of our experience to analyze your particular situation and identify the right solutions! Our expert specialists will help you find the right solution that will help you reach your goals.


  • Save time and effort - analyze the situation after which we propose improvements, while you can focus on your business
  • Save money - we help you choose the best lifting equipment for your business to help increase productivity
  • Safety and compliance - we guarantee the highest standards of safety and respect for the law to give you peace of mind

We provide technical support to industrial construction design companies. Technical support consists of providing pro bono data on industrial lifting equipment, data needed to calculate the strength of buildings to be equipped with such.

With the same openness, we are ready to help the educational units and the students preparing for the field.

If you need our help or have questions, feel free to contact us!
We answer quickly and we are ready to help you.