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Vacuum lifters


Lifting devices use vacuum technology to catch and maintain the load, as well as to lift and lower it to the correct position. Want to pick up different types of goods with the same equipment? No problem. Quick coupling allows you to easily change the suction side, so you can handle different loads with the same equipment.

Our flexible handles allow you to control the lifting speed with your fingers, ensuring precise and safe handling. We customize lifting solutions to meet the specific needs of your business by adapting our systems to fully integrate into your workflow.

Do you have specific requirements? No problem. We have solutions for "clean rooms" and other sensitive environments. They are ideal in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry with strict hygiene and safety requirements.


  • The use of vacuum equipment is fast, easy and comfortable, anyone can learn how to use them in just a few minutes
  • A reliable technology that ensures sustainability
  • It can lift up to the shoulder height, the load can be kept in an ergonomic position.
  • A wide range of tasks can be handled, such as plastic bags, paper or cloth; cardboard boxes; barrels of beer; buckets, coils; blocks of cheese or frozen meat; fragile glass sheets or steel and aluminum sheets



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