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Scissor lifting tables for heavy loads and special hydraulic scaffolds



Lifting tables are used to transport goods vertically if a loading ramp is not available. They are intended for the handling of palleted goods or parcels. The dimensions of the platform are set according to your requirements. Hydraulic tables delivered by us have a lifting capacity of 5,000 kg -10,000 kg, with the possibility of extending up to 25,000 kg. The lifting mechanism is scissor type, operated by hydraulic cylinders. Mounting can be done on the floor or in a well, inside or outside the building. The scissor lifting tables can not be used for transporting people.

Standard equipment: overpressure limiter, electric travel limiter, edge sensor on the 4 sides of the table, threaded control box, control system and built-in power (usually mounted under the mobile platform)

We provide transportation, assembly and service, documentation for ISCIR authorization, according to PT R1 / 2010.


  • Provides cargo transport, if a loading ramp is not available
  • Occupies a limited space
  • More competitive price, especially for large tasks
  • Available for large loads up to 25t
  • Safety in use
  • Minimum maintenance costs

Customized Scissor lifting tables are used during the aircraft manufacturing and maintenance process. They are manufactured by GD Gép és Daru KFT. At first, their customers were airplane maintenance workshops. More recently, they have successfully sold their own mobile scaffoldings, with built-in scissor lifting tables that can also lift people. These mobile work platforms meet the domestic requirements of aircraft manufacturers, diffrent and more restrictive than PT ISCIR which regulates passenger transport. Among the most important customers are Airbus, to which customized work platforms for the normal environment, but also with explosion protection have been provided.

Personnel scaffolds, fixed or mobile, used for the repair and maintenance of railway rolling stock (CFR). Service staff has access to wagons in all their height. They are manufactured by GD Gép és Daru KFT, a supplier of SNCF (French Railways).


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