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Load turning devices


Rotating bulky and heavy parts is often a very dangerous activity and presents considerable risks. Inappropriate rotation operations result in a high risk of accidents.

ROTOMAX® rotors solve this problem: bulky workpieces can be rotated safely and effortlessly. The activity can be stopped in any position to perform different checks or reprocessing. Everything is commanded by the operator at a safe distance using a radio remote control.

ROTOMAX® Load Rotary Loaders have been developed for various applications such as machine body rotation, marine diesel engines, large metal structures, castings for the foundry industry, etc.


  • Reliable and convenient displacement and rotation of bulky products
  • The rotated object can be stopped in any position
  • The objects that are rotated do not get damaged
  • Avoiding accidents during rotation
  • Mobile use
  • Capacities: 1,000 to 200,000 kg
  • Standard devices with fixed distance between belts, or with manual / electrical adjustment
  • Tandem operation
  • Special devices for foundries
  • Individual solutions tailored to your application

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