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High capacity elevators



Elevators are in fact special scissor lifting tables designed to transport goods vertically between different floors of the building, palletised goods or parcels. They are unique products, are designed and executed according to your requirements. The lifting capacity is between 5,000 kg and 10,000 kg, with the possibility of extending up to 25,000 kg. Lifting height up to 5 m with 2 or 3 automatic stops. The hoisting mechanism is of the type of scissors operated by hydraulic cylinders. The platform in the four corners is guided by four pillars. Mounting can be done on the floor or buried in the well, inside or outside the building.

The user's platform access is only allowed in the stationary position, the loading direction is provided with a door with an electric locking system, with the opening conditioned by the position of the platform at the level of the door. The platform can be called and sent from each level using a fixed order box.

The freight elevator can not be used for passenger transport.

We provide transportation, assembly and service, documentation for ISCIR authorization, according to PT R1 / 2010.


  • Provides long-distance freight transport between floors, up to a maximum of 3 levels
  • Occupies a limited space, taking into account the lifting height
  • More competitive price compared to classical cargo lifts
  • Available for heavy loads - 25t
  • Safety in use, door opening conditional of platform position at door level
  • Control panel with buttons on each level
  • Minimum maintenance costs
  • Starting from a development for aircraft maintenance operations, we can offer scaffolding systems with telescopic maintenance platforms.


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