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The grapple is a work accessory that is attachable to the lifting equipment, and is designed for the attachment and transport of materials. The grabsmarketed by our company are electro-hydraulic. We sell three kinds of grabs, orange peel grabs, clamshell grabs and tong grabs. They can be attached or detached from the wheel hook as needed. The power and control are made from the roller bridge through the cable on a slider. The grab command is made directly from the control bridge of the overhead crane. The overhead cranes can also be equiped with a grabs, even if this was not originally taken into account.


  • Provides bulk cargo or waste transportation
  • Can be attached or detached at any time on the crane hook, as such, the crane can also be used for other operations
  • A crane can be fitted and then a grapple, even if this was not originally taken into account
  • We can deliver submersible variants
  • Safety and simplicity in use
  • Minimum maintenance costs.


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