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GD Dolly - for carrying overloaded loads


Dolly GD are basically a pair of synchronous drive Self-propelled, remote-controlled by the system "master - slave" developed for the internal transport of very long and heavy weight loads. GD Dolly can operate internally or externally, including land that is not perfectly straight, such as the yard of an old factory.

The wheels specially developed for this purpose, with the possibility of returning immediately, ensures high mobility in a wide range of applications and special handling of long loads, even on complicated routes and reduced space.


  • Provides the transport of very long and heavy loads inside the factory, on short distances from one hall to the other, even out between two different buildings
  • They are capable of executing movements from the rectilinear one to rotating on the spot
  • It is capable of carrying loads of different shapes and sizes thanks to the gripper (auxiliary material) specially designed for this case
  • There is a variant that can lift the transported load. For example, it can pick up and place the load on a pair of supports.



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