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Equipment for handling light goods


Mobile electric lifters type PROTEMA play an important role in many production processes and offer a multitude of possible combinations in different applications. Stainless steel versions of mobile electric lifters type PROTEMA, with specially adapted accessories for "cleanroom" needs, are very popular in the pharmaceutical and food industry. Their use will increase efficiency and profitability within companies that use them.

These equipments can be equipped with specialized accessories for the handling of crates, boxes, drums, bags, reels, sheets.

Mobile electric lifters type PROTEMA are tested by independent laboratories and are CE certified.


  • There is a varied range of lifting heights and lifting capacities.
  • The standard version can be modified to suit your workplace requirements and the range of optional accessories can be increased.
  • A wide range of objects can be manipulated and managed, resulting in a lower need for lifting trolleys
  • They are mobile, can be used anywhere in your factory


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