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Special handling equipment

Special lifting and handling equipment, vacuum lifters, lifting trolleys, hydraulic tables, elevators, grapples, lifting trolleys.

Intelligent gripping equipment Quick-Lift BINAR

These intelligent lifting equipment meet the highest standards of ergonomics, safety and e...

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Vacuum lifters

Lifting devices use vacuum technology to catch and maintain the load, as well as to lift a...

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Equipment for handling light goods

Mobile electric lifter type PROTEMA...

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Scissor lifting tables for heavy loads and special hydraulic scaffolds

Lifting tables are used to transport goods vertically if a loading ramp is not available...

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High capacity elevators

Elevators are in fact special scissor lifting tables designed to transport goods verticall...

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Grab grapple

The grapple is a work accessory that is attachable to the lifting equipment, and is design...

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Self-propelled transport carriages

This type of carriage has the purpose of transporting large and very heavy metal structure...

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GD Dolly - for carrying overloaded loads

Dolly GD are basically a pair of synchronous drive Self-propelled...

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Hoisting and transporting vehicle type ESS for railways

Lifting and transporting assembly type SPE consists of two coaches, electrohydraulic actua...

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Load turning devices

Rotating bulky and heavy parts is often a very dangerous activity and presents considerabl...

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With "clean room" functioning equipment...

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