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Workstation lifting systems

Workstation lifting systems are the ideal solution if the lifting of loads up to 2,000 kg is desired. In the standard version, only the lift is motorized, the other moves are manual, which is why they are significantly cheaper than the classical overhead cranes.
Provides adaptable mounting solutions, can be used almost anywhere you need. Profiles made of steel, aluminum or even carbon can be mounted on supporting pillars caught by the floor. We also have solutions for suspending the crane system directly from the building ceiling or from the roof beams, regardless of their geometry.
They are personalized to suit your business to streamline your technology flow. We can speak of a single beam running along a production line or a vast system that covers an entire production or logistics unit. With their help you will use the production space much better, increase work productivity and provide a healthy work environment for your employees.

Workstation single-girder light crane

Workstation single-girder light crane...

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Workstation double-girder light crane

Workstation double-girder light crane...

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Fully motorized workstation light crane

Fully motorized workstation light crane...

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Limited space workstation light crane

Limited space workstation light crane...

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