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Smart Cranes - Command and Control

In the world in which we live, everything takes place at greater speed. Everything needs to be done faster, more efficiently. There are situations where classical overhead cranes functions are not enough. It would be good to sometimes move faster, another time to go really slowly and stop at a certain point. But can a overhead crane do this?
The answer is yes, it can be done with the help of smart bridges. They incorporate electronic monitoring and control tools that allow them to be used to handle loads in safer and more productive conditions in order to optimize costs.
The controlled transportation and positioning the load, in addition to reducing operating and maintenance costs, reduces the risk of an accident significantly due to intelligent handling of cargo.

Sway control

Sway control...

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Extended speed range

Extended speed range ESR...

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Micro speed

Micro speed...

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Slack rope prevention

Slack rope prevention...

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Movement and translation lift synchronization (Tandem)...

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Small step movement (Inching)

Small step movement (Inching)...

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Restricted load

Restricted load area...

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Load floating

Load floating...

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Shock load prevention

Shock load prevention...

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Cranes in tandem

Crane in tandem synchronization...

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