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Mobile electric lifters type PROTEMA ATEX


Safety is essential when lifting or moving materials in hazardous environments. The risk of explosion or combustion endangers not only your operations, but also your employees. TAWI ATEX solutions reduce the risk of explosion without sacrificing efficiency, safety or ergonomics. TAWI solutions cover Zone 1 and 2 (hazardous gas environments), as well as Zone 21 and 22 (hazardous dust environments). TAWI provides a wide range of ATEX certified products for these areas, each solution being tailored to your specific project.

It is vital that each component of a lifting system is approved for explosive environments. To meet these requirements, each component of the Protema ATEX Lift Trucks is designed, tested and certified to comply with specific regulations for reducing the risk of explosion in hazardous environments.

- Ensures safety at every stage of the handling process and in every detail.
- Covers a full range of lifting solutions for ATEX restricted areas.
- Maximizes productivity

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