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Special hoists for foundries


The TDC Twin Drive concept is the uncompromising solution for lifting devices according to DIN EN 14492-2, Appendix B. TDC cable trays are suitable for the transport of molten metals and for use in high-risk applications: acids, bases, gases or gas transport and acid pipelines. They are standardly equipped with two redundant engine / gearbox units. In general, both engines are synchronized. Each of the brakes mounted on the two motors are designed to be able to stop or maintain the load alone in case of emergency. Both brakes are operated together and serve as an operating and holding brake. All actuators in Twin Drive Concept systems are monitored by STAHL CraneSystems condition monitoring systems.


  • Suitable for the transport of molten metals and for use in high-risk applications
  • The standard equipment consists out of two redundant engine / gear units

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