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Slewing jib cranes


Each category of swing cranes has its own advantages and features to cover a wide range of application types. All models offer full flexibility so that the user can lift and position loads in an efficient and safe way.

They consist of a slewing arm placed on a pillar, on an independent construction, or with a wall mounting system. The swing arm can be used to support a wide variety of hoists, vacuum systems, manual hoists, or other special attachments specializing in various industries.

We rely on strong partners, manufacturers of swing cranes VETTER Krantechnik GmbH in Germany and COMEGE SAS in France, two major European players in the industrial high lift market.

We also offer you the very popular Davit manual swing crane, developed by HAACON, specially made for use in water treatment plants.


  • Is a cheap solution, there is a full manual version
  • For large loads there is a version with electrical slewing gear
  • Are perfect to be placed under high span overhead cranes
  • Can serve multiple workstations in indoor or outdoor applications
  • Certain ranges can be delivered with a base plate for direct floor attachment, where there is no need to run a foundation
  • Can be equipped with gripper, being very popular in the automotive industry
  • Can be equipped with vacuum fastening systems for handling low-thickness or aluminum plates, where magnets can not be used
  • Can be equipped with vacuuming systems for different applications: bags, boxes,
  • Is available for use in potentially explosive Atex conditions

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