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Each category of cranes has its own advantages and features to cover all kinds of necessary applications. All models (portal cranes, roller portal cranes, swing cranes, process cranes) offer complete flexibility so that the user can lift and position loads in maximum safety.

Portal cranes

Portal cranes...

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Movable gantry cranes

Movable gantry cranes...

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Slewing jib cranes

Slewing jib cranes...

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Straight or curved suspended monorails

Straight or curved suspended monorails...

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Process cranes

Process cranes...

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Stationary or pick and carry mini cranes

Stationary or pick and carry mini cranes...

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Cranes and hoists for building constructions

Cranes and hoists for building constructions...

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Folding Workshop Crane

Folding workshop cranes (Giraffe cranes)...

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