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Solutions for Wood industry

Wood, as a material, plays an important role in our lives, from the beginnings of mankind. It continues to be the ideal solution for a wide variety of issues. Romania has an important forest fund and a highly diversified wood processing industry.

Fields of application:

Cranes for transporting long logs to the saw blade or for handling cut timber - for storage and transport operations. Special grab bars or lifting beams can be used to grab logs. In the absence of the rolling bridge, it can be a solution to use the Mini pick & carry cranes.

Timber and prefabricated wood buildings
Roller bridges provide important support for wood suppliers and prefabricated wooden constructions, from the manufacture of individual wood elements to prefabricated complete houses. They are used for intermediate storage of base panels, their transport to and from processing machines. One very important thing - they do not occupy any space at the ground level. Vacuum equipment can greatly help you to handle large panels. To serve a linear technological flow, it is also worth considering the suspended monorail.

Furniture industry
Cranes and hoists are very useful in the production of furniture, for storing wood and other raw materials when loaded / unloaded by machines. They allow convenient handling of wooden panels and large furniture items. Nowadays no assembled furniture is sold, it is delivered in boxes. These cans are handled most easily using vacuum fasteners.

Small and medium-sized workshops need easy-to-install, space-saving ergonomic solutions - such as workstation light cranes. They can be used to move loads without any restrictions. Vacuum equipment can help with the handling of panels, so that you will need fewer workers.


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