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Rubber and plastic industry

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Solutions for Rubber and plastic industry

Cranes and overhead cranes are used in many sectors of the rubber and plastic industry, in injection molding processes, and in the production of large components. We offer the right solution for all applications - ranging from workstation equipment to cranes for quick and efficient molding change operations.

Fields of application:

Manufacture of rubber articles
In the production of tires and other products in the rubber industry, our cranes and hoists are used for safe and reliable handling of raw materials to feed the production lines. They also have an important role in maintenance work. To serve a linear technological flow, it is also worth considering the suspended monorail.

Plastic industry
High-performance injection molding equipment is used in this industry. Manufacturers expect the same performance for lifting equipment to handle with precision and ease what they need. We are the ones who can supply these equipments, thus contributing to the success of our partners. Cranes equipped with vacuum lifters are very popular.

Load turning devices are useful for rotating heavy, large-sized pieces of molds, for example.

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