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Mining industry

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Solutions for Mining industry

The extraction and processing of natural resources is becoming more and more important, given the diminishing of raw material resources and the environmental issues involved.

Coal is still one of the most important sources of energy in the world. Its extraction is an important sector of the economy, coal transport plays an important role in this process.

Fields of application:

Mining and ore processing
This industry sector needs robust equipment that works safely in challenging environments. Our cranes offer this reliability and ensure the continuity of our customers' processes. Often we are talking about their use in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX). Our cranes and hoists for this field are produced by the world leader in the field, and we are authorized by INSEMEX to install and maintain them. Grabs are indispensable in this activity.

Suppliers sector
Mining industry suppliers of the horizontal industry, use cranes and hoists in production operations. Our solutions tailored to meet your specific needs are the ones you need in this sector. To serve a linear technological flow, it is also worth considering the suspended monorail.


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