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Foundries of steel, aluminum

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Solutions for Foundries of steel, aluminum

Companies in the ferrous and non-ferrous steel industry and their foundries can rely on the cranes offered by GD MAŞINI . Why? Because we are able to provide the right solution for every requirement - throughout the entire technological process.


Their use in difficult operating conditions is possible due to the fact that our cranes are designed to withstand high ambient temperatures, high dust levels.

Fields of application:

Steelworks and foundries
We have the right solutions the safe handling of the liquid metal pot, the double girder overhead travelling cranes for the internal transport of the components required for casting (e.g. casting boxes) and for handling the parts to be processed. Mini cranes, lifting beams or special magnets may be useful. Load turning devices are useful for rotating heavy, large pieces.

Rolling mills
The technologies embedded in our equipment meet individual needs for most lifting and transport requirements in hot and cold rolling factories. We refer to the internal transport of plates and ingots, as well as the handling of rolling mill rolls for storage and maintenance. Special beams or magnets may be useful


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