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Solutions for Construction industry

Whenever a building is being built or an investment project is being developed, lifting equipment is indispensable. Both on construction sites, but also in the pre-construction stages of prefabrication.


Fields of application:

Manufacture of construction elements

Concrete, steel, lime or wood - no matter what material you use, they must be lifted and transported in production processes. We have the right solution to meet all your needs. With our cranes and overhead cranes you will be able to pick up, transport and position accurately, comfortably and safely awkward loads such as concrete pillars or laminated wood beams.

We're introducing our scissor lifting tables for heavy loads with the purpose of unloading trucks. For the transport of goods between floors, a reliable solution is the use of high-capacity freight elevators. They are economically more advantageous than classical cargo lifts.

Other recommended products:

  • Vacuum-bagged machines, large-size bags
  • Swing cranes - equipped with hoist or vacuum equipment
  • Mini picking and handling cranes
  • Grapples - Handled sand or other bulk goods
  • For very heavy parts, self-propelled trolleys are suitable.
  • For bulky and very long components, we recommend GD Dolly conveyors. Components can be transported directly from a factory building space into a neighboring production area, even crossing the outside yard if needed.
  • We have not forgotten those who build on a smaller scale. We have for them quality cranes and hoists, dedicated to this sector of activity at very advantageous prices. They are specifically designed for small yards.


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